Legal Consultation and Representation

We counsel you and represent your interests in the phases of the development, the production and the exploitation of your audiovisual projects in Germany as well as internationally, in particular of films for cinema and TV (feature films, animated films, documentations) and of series for television and streaming platforms.

Drafting and Negotiation of Contracts

We undertake for you all contract work which is requested, reasonable and necessary for the realization of your project. We either draft the necessary contracts ourselves or we advise you on agreements proposed to you by your contract partners and revise those drafts until ready for signature.

If requested we conduct necessary negotiations directly with possible contract partners or advise and support you in this from a position in the background.

Co-Productions and Co-Financings

During the development and the realization of national and international co-productions and co-financings within Germany and/or with other countries we cooperate closely and as early as possible with the producer in order to provide the best possible individual structure for the project within a complex system of interests of the parties involved, German and foreign public funding guidelines, international conventions, industry customs, and laws, and to implement these structures contractually.

Special emphasis is placed on dealing with a film project not just from a legal point of view but on fully capturing its artistic, legal, and economic complexity and on providing preferably lean and efficient solutions.

Legal Opinions

We create and provide legal opinions

  • For German clients, for example to allow a better evaluation of their own legal position and strategic planning,
  • for international clients to examine and explain the legal situation in Germany according to contract and/or law., e.g. for banks, completion bonds or others.
Workshops, Lectures

Stefan Rüll lectures regularly and devises workshops in Germany and Europe upon invitation on current topics regarding the industry, especially on co-productions and co-financing of audio-visual projects as well as on authors’ and directors’ rights.


Mediation dates back to a more than 2000-year-old Chinese tradition. For Confucius a conflict was a sign of poor education, court proceedings traditionally led to disgrace and loss of face. The aim of mediation was – and still is – to settle a quarrel amicably by creating a win-win-situation for all parties involved.

Mediation is particularly suited to settle conflicts within long-term and/or international business relations, transcending linguistic and/or legal borders. It saves time and money and is suitable for pacifying conflicts permanently and profoundly, and not just on the surface.

Stefan Rüll is a trained and experienced mediator.